ICFA 2019 Manufacturer Leadership Award Ballot
(Please read the award criteria before casting your vote at the bottom. Thank you.)
Quality of Manufactured Goods
• Merchandise is consistent with or exceeds similar attributes of items produced in that price range
• Finishing and application of designs/fabric/strap are consistent with or exceed similar attributes of products produced in that price range
• Production lots are consistent between shipments
• Merchandise performs as intended and easily
• Manufacturing defects are negligible
• Products to be transported are well packaged and protected to minimize potential damage during shipping
• Products perform as intended
• Product designs display innovation and imagination
• Products meet the requirements of the consumer
• Color, finish, and fabric/strap selection display imagination and innovation, yet are aligned with the taste and fashion of the marketplace
• Catalogs and pricing information are available to dealers in a timely manner
• Early buy programs, if applicable, are forthright, truthful and consistent across all levels of participation
• Sales aids and P.O.S. materials are professionally produced and readily available for distribution
• Product training seminars are informative
• Care and maintenance instructions are readily available for the consumer
• Warranty information is clear, truthful, reasonable, and available in written form for the consumer
Customer Service
• Orders and changes are acknowledged promptly
• Dealers are kept informed of production times and potential manufacturing delays
• Inquiries/questions are addressed in a timely manner
• Customer service personnel are well-trained to address routine questions and problems
• Warranty problems, defective shipments, and return authorizations are resolved expeditiously
• Defective merchandise is repaired and returned in a timely manner
• Sales representatives exercise a reasonable effort to handle product problems in the field
• All dealings with customers are done in an honest truthful and legal manner
• Vendor/dealer confidentiality is honored
• Company management, support personnel, and sales representatives display a positive, enthusiastic approach towards the industry and the needs of the customer
• Customers are well informed of:
• New products, changes, colors and fabric introductions
• Current promotional programs
• Factory delivery schedules
• Discontinued products
• Changes in company policy
• Pricing changes
• Anticipated shortages
• Attentive to customer requests and problems
• Attentive to competitive activity
• Attentive to market trends and sales results
Trade Relations
• Manufacturer enthusiastically participates in industry trade organizations
• Manufacturer is dedicated to improving the welfare of the industry

After reading the criteria above, please complete the ballot below:
Type in your choice of manufacturer for the 2019 Manufacturer Leadership Award. You may enter up to three companies. The following point system will be used:
1st choice: 3 points = Unparalleled in our industry
2nd choice: 2 points = Greatly exceeds expectations
3rd choice: 1 point = Exceeds expectations
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